Features of applying for positions

Coverage of vacancies in the whole region

Jobs are grouped by region (province). At the first stage it is necessary to determine the region of employment. The choice of a specific locality is unacceptable. This is due to the fact that the narrowing of the search for the selection of posts may not allow us to offer you an existing vacancy in a nearby city or in a neighboring company.

The exception is the regional cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. The positions in them are presented separately from the vacancies in the relevant areas: Moscow and Leningrad.

Grouping vacancies

All available vacancies are divided into 32 groups of different subjects, which facilitates the choice when applying for positions.

To apply, you need to go to the link-pushbutton at the bottom of the page, or choose the menu item "Apply". On the page that opens, you will find a list of regions, selecting one of which you will have access to the entire list of vacancies for this region. Having noted the necessary posts and filling in the feedback table, click the button: "Send an application".

As a result, the application will be sent for processing, and an email will be sent to your e-mail box. If you wish, you can get a VIP-status for the submitted application, placing it in the ranking of applications at the top of the list. You can read about all the advantages of VIP-status in the corresponding menu item.

Fast page scrolling

For more convenient navigation through the vacancies page of the selected region, at the very top there is a summary table of groups of posts. Each of the vacancy groups is a link that scrolls the page slider to the desired place on it. Going through this link, the page will scroll to the beginning of the selected vacancy group. Noting positions in the selected group of vacancies, you can go back to the top, to the summary table, to select the next group and go to it.

The return from the considered group (to the top of the page), for convenience, is realized due to the links "Top of page", at the end of the list of posts of each of the groups.

Consideration of the list of positions and the choice of vacancies is possible also by the usual scrolling of the page, without resorting to the method described above.

Selection of vacancies

Single click (left mouse button) on the name of the vacancy puts a tick in the box to the left of it. The choice of a position can be carried out by putting a check in by clicking in the center of the square, or by clicking on the title of the vacancy. Such an opportunity facilitates the process of selecting posts, and makes it more convenient.

To contact you

At the bottom of each page with vacancies (of any selected region) there is a table "To contact you". It is necessary for you to specify additional parameters for selected posts, for example: the desired "working hours", as well as notes, education data, and most importantly - the name of the email box where we can contact you for further employment. Its indication, when submitting an application, is mandatory. A link to information on how to create an electronic mailbox is also available in this table.

Creating E-Mail:

An electronic mailbox is required to contact you. To create it, we recommend using one of the following free email services: Going by one of the above links, you will be on the registration page of the corresponding mailbox. Normally, to the right or left of the page is a form for entering the name and password from the mail. At the bottom of the input fields, click the Register button. Having completed the registration procedure, by filling in the necessary fields in succession, you will become the owner of the name and password for entering your mailbox.

The name of the created e-mail box should be specified when applying for positions, in the column "E-Mail" (in the data table "For communication with you").

In order to go inside your e-mail box to read incoming messages, as well as to write answers, you need to enter his name and password on the page of the corresponding service in which you registered mail (,, or a friend).

Completion of the applying for positions

After completing the selection of positions and providing contact information for communication with you, you need to click the "Send application", button located under the table with the header ("To contact you").

As a result of its click, all the information you entered and the list of selected vacancies will be sent for processing. A simplified copy of the letter will be sent to the e-mail specified in your application (e-mail box). This letter will not contain the data you entered in the text boxes. This is a protection from SPAM mailing.

Also, the letter will indicate the information that gives the opportunity to obtain a VIP status for the application submitted by you, and to allocate it from the total number of applications. These data are: the code assigned to your application, and the requisites. Save the message, or rewrite the code. Without knowledge of the application number you will not be able to assign it a VIP status.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you keep this letter, company representatives will always be able to contact you at the address specified in the E-Mail application. The application submitted by you is duplicated and sent to several addresses, which additionally ensures its safety and reliability of delivery to the addressee.

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