What is a VIP-status application?

VIP-status - it is a method of allocating an application from the total number of applications submitted for vacant posts, including from trial applications, applications with an erroneously indicated electronic mail box for communication, applications filed for hooligan reasons.

Benefits of VIP-status:

  • Priority processing of applications that received VIP status, and as a consequence, their priority submission to the personnel departments of companies of investors.

  • The rating in the list of applications, compiled, including from applications not confirmed by VIP status, is significantly higher. All applications with VIP status are located at the top of the list, which determines the order of their review by the personnel departments.

  • Protecting an application from decreasing its rating, due to the coincidence of E-Mail addresses, when users incorrectly indicate their contact information. Such errors do not allow to determine which data of which applications are correct and which ones are not. As a result, applications are lost in the ranking. Receiving the VIP status for the application, allows you to select it from the number of incorrectly submitted and to protect its rating from the decrease.

  • The consolidation of applications allows you to add to the already submitted application data previously not included in it. Applications with the same E-Mail addresses for communication, having VIP status, are combined. This makes it possible to improve the information content of the submitted application. The final application will have the earliest filing date from the combined bids, and as a consequence the maximum total rating.

  • The period of validity of the application, which received the VIP status, is 12 months, and the unconfirmed application is 1 month from the moment of their submission. The increased period of relevance of the application allows you to find employment in positions, the period for consideration of applications for which may exceed one month.

  • Automatic re-submission of the application for the entire period of its relevance. With a monthly update of the list of vacancies, the VIP application is also reapplied for the same-job vacancies added by investor companies (within the selected region of the application).

The cost of receiving the VIP status of the application

The cost of the VIP-status of the application is $ 12 (valid for 1 year).

The account of the commission at payment of the VIP status of the application

Commission for making a payment, collected by banks, the payment system WebMoney, and other financial organizations is charged automatically. Its size depends on the payment method selected. The commission is not included in the price, and is charged additionally.

As a rule, the minimum amount of commission or its complete absence is possible when paying Online.

Payment details and application code

Requisites for payment of the VIP-status, together with the application code, are sent to the e-mail specified at the time of application. This excludes the payment and receipt of the VIP-status without indicating the correct E-Mail address in the application to which you have access, and on which we can contact you for further employment.

Comment on payment

In the comments, when making a payment (if there is such a field), you should indicate the application code sent to you in the letter on the result of its submission. Such a mark when paying for the VIP status will instantly bind the payment to the specified application, applying to it the VIP-status and initiating immediate processing.

If this information was not available at the time of payment, or the field for its input was not available, it is necessary to rewrite the payment information and send it in the reply letter that came after the application was submitted (or to the e-mail address:, also specifying the application number). According to these data, your application will be tied to payment and will receive a VIP-status.

Payment with WebMoney

WebMoney - Universal Payment System. All features are available via the link:

In the event that you already have an open electronic account ("purse") in the payment system "WebMoney", then you can pay for the VIP status of the application from such an account. Payments are made in the "WebMoney" system from the corresponding application installed on the computer (phone).

There are also other ways of payment through: banks' sites, Mobile Bank, Mobile application, etc. You can use any method convenient for you, including not specified here.

In the future, a list of possible payment methods will be expanded. Bank payments will be added, and other payment methods, including those available online.

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