Data Security

Request for data

In order to ensure the security of user data, when submitting applications for posts, we request only a minimum of information, without requesting personal data: passport data, name, and other confidential information. Information about education can also be limited to the numbers of diplomas and certificates, as well as the name of the specialty.

Original certificates, diplomas, passports and other documents are presented only at the time of signing the contract, in person meeting with the final employer, to confirm the education specified in the application.

Required minimum

When submitting an application for jobs, you can limit yourself to specifying the e-mail box necessary for communication with you. This information, along with the selected jobs, will be sufficient for filing an application. In the future, if you wish, you can add additional posts or other important information to the application.

Additional data

It is possible to additionally indicate in your respective boxes when submitting an application: your education, professional knowledge and other data. This will simplify the consideration of the application by the personnel departments of companies of investors and increase its rating.

It is allowed not to specify

According to the current legislation, and in particular the labor code of the Russian Federation, article 3: Discrimination in the sphere of labor is prohibited, depending on gender, race, color, nationality, language, origin, property status, marital status, social position and jobs, age, place of residence, attitude to religion, beliefs, belonging or non-belonging to public associations or any social groups, as well as from other circumstances not related to the employee's business qualities.

In this regard, information about your field, age, name (which also determines your gender), and other data can be indicated by you only at will.

However, the indication of such information may be useful for you, in a number of areas of activity, with restrictions established by federal law and giving you advantages in this connection.

Duplication of application

Your application for jobs is automatically sent to several addresses, including the mail you specified as the mail for communication.

The copy sent to you will not contain the filled text fields (note, education (transcript)). This is to exclude the distribution of advertising texts, by using forms for filing an application.


The jobs selected by you are sent in the form of digital codes, which ensures their further computer processing, as well as additional protection from reading by random people on your computer.

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