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Not difficult to remember and reproduce

For the sake of simplicity of memorizing and searching for this resource on the Internet, its name is formed by the Russian word of the "jobs", written in Latin letters (doljnosti).

Arbitrary spelling

To exclude errors in writing the name of the site (its domain name) in the address bar, investors redeemed all the similar names: - site with the information (on which you are) - similar name - similar name - similar name - similar name - similar name - similar name - similar name

As a result, when you write any of the eight variants of the domain name, you will be on the desired site (


All duplicate site names serve as links to go to the resource ( and do not contain copies of this resource to their addresses. Thanks to redirecting to a single site, it was not only convenient to enter the name of the resource by users, but also its monthly update was simplified.

Only with the extension (.com)

Employment from investors with the conclusion of contracts of the European pattern, we realized only through this site with the extension (.com). Similar or similar resources in other domain zones (.ru, .org, .su and others) were not created by us. Remember this when manually typing the site name into the address bar.

For more convenience to return to the pages of the site, add it to the favorites folder. In this case, mistakes in writing his name will be completely ruled out.

On the provision of housing, on wages, and much more, you can read in the relevant sections of the menu, at the top of the page:

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If you have already studied the materials, or immediately want to go to the selection of vacancies, click on the link:



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