Employees recreation organization

Going on a regular vacation, many of the employees think what to do in the allotted time. Tourist trips are usually the most preferred option, making the vacation really memorable.

Being large investors in the tourist and resort sphere, being co-owners of hotels and recreation areas, conducting active reconstruction and operation of many tourist facilities, we are able to organize tours for the rest of our employees and their families at the best prices, and provide a comfortable flight and accommodation.

Part of the vacation package to their employees and members of their families are provided free of charge in addition to the bonus incentive program, while not reducing its monetary component. The other part of the vacation package is partially paid by the staff, but it is also very profitable, in comparison with independent bookings of tours, flights and excursions.

This approach to the organization of employee rest provides a decent rest, and as a result creates a favorable atmosphere for further joint activities in companies.

Many for the first time going to a vacation organized by the companies admitted that they themselves would not decide on a trip, considering it too complicated in terms of organization, even if the family's income is high enough.

As a rule, vacation is not only a financial expense, but also a combination of holidays and vacations for family members, which is not always possible without the participation of the company. In this case, the company-employer takes care of such issues.

The list of recreation areas is quite wide, so employees can easily choose where to go, not limited to a pair of the three tours offered. If desired, tours can also be organized on special tourist destinations, with accommodation in non-investor-owned hotels, but also with ensuring the highest quality of service and security for company personnel.

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