Acquisition of housing

Remuneration for work

The acquisition of apartments, along with bonuses, is another form of remuneration for employees, for their work for the benefit of the companies in which they work.

Within the framework of the general investment policy, all the companies of the investment group signed unified rules for allocations for social needs, according to which part of the company's income is allocated for the acquisition and construction of apartments for its employees.

These rules are mandatory for execution, and are strictly observed by all companies owned by investors.

By contract

After 3-5 years, each employee gets an apartment in a new building, the choice of which can be carried out either from existing apartments purchased for these purposes, or by using a certificate.

The interval of time, from the moment of employment to getting an apartment in the property, is conditioned both by the terms of construction and registration of newly constructed housing, and by the amount of deductions for these needs, depending on the positions occupied.

Early reception of housing

In some cases, the term prescribed in the contract for the purchase of an apartment for an employee may be reduced for the particular contribution of this employee to the company's activities. The reason can be, for example, a significant increase in the company's profit in a particular period of work, as a result of effective leadership and skillful actions.

According to the results of the year, some of the distinguished employees, as an additional bonus, receive the apartments ahead of time. This is an important stimulus for development, both for the employees themselves and for companies as a whole.

This paragraph on the acquisition of housing, with a description of its characteristics, clearly prescribed in the employment contracts (contracts) concluded with employees, and is their integral part, the employer's duty before each employee.

Compensatory payments

In the employment contract, the contract also includes compensation payments to the employee by the employer, in case of his dismissal, including at his own will, if these rights to the living space for the period of work have not been realized.

The payment is exactly that part of the value of the apartment, which he could claim, based on the actual time worked, relative to the standard 3-5 years before it was received.

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