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What is a loan?

Loan is money received for temporary use on interest-free terms.

Interest-free loans are an important part of the support mechanism for employees under unforeseen circumstances.

To whom are loans provided

Loans are given to employees on a written request, indicating all the necessary parameters: urgency, amount, purpose, acceptable sources of repayment for the employee (premium, bonuses, part of salary).

Also loans are provided at employment for job, for repayment of available debts under credits, the mortgage and other obligations.

For the decision of what problems are given loans

Interest-free loans are given for solving a certain range of socially significant tasks, such as:
  • Repayment of mortgage debt
  • Repayment of arrears for other loans
  • Treatment (employees and their families)
  • Acquisition of a car for the head (as part of his status)
  • Urgent capital and cosmetic repair of housing
  • Replacement of property affected by leakage or fire
  • Improvement of housing conditions to the level of normative
Loans can not be given for rest (payment of tours), purchase of additional real estate, currency, and other unimportant purposes.

The size of the loans

The size of the loans is individual. It depends on the purpose of the loan and the possibilities for its repayment.

Opportunities for repayment are determined by the position held, and as a consequence, by the size of the fixed part of salary, premium and bonuses.

The amount of the loan may exceed the established limits and not depend on the position occupied in allocating it to the treatment of employees and family members, as well as to eliminate the consequences of fire and / or leakage.

Sources of repayment

The loan can be repaid through premiums and bonuses. If desired, the employee can additionally pay off part of the loan, using the means of fixed part of salary.

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