Salary and bonuses


Salary is the total monetary reward that an organization (association, institution, enterprise) pays to an employee in accordance with the terms of the employment contract (contract), compiled taking into account the norms of labor legislation.

According to the current legislation, salary are paid in parts, twice a month.

The main components of salary:

  • Fixed salary (fixed part of salary)
  • Premium (premium bonus)

Fixed salary is an unchanged part of wages, which is accrued, regardless of the results of labor activity. The size of the salary is constant and is registered in the employment contract (contract).

Premium is an allowance that takes into account the results of activities, contracts, percentages of transactions.

The size of the salary

Fixed salaries sizes under job placement:

17,000 - 46,000 USD per month for senior managerial staff.
6,000 - 14,000 USD per month for technical directors.
2,500 - 5,500 USD per month for other positions.

In the process of labor activity, salaries are increased, which is recorded by signing additional agreements to an employment contract (contract). The text of the contract, however, remains unchanged.

The size of the monthly premiums

The size of the monthly premium is from 50 to 150% of the salary, in accordance with the concluded contract.

The monthly premium is paid once or twice a month. Its size and procedure for accrual are stipulated in the employment contract (contract), and depends only on the immediate activities of the employee to whom it is accrued.

Additional receipt of funds


Bonuses are additional premiums paid on the basis of quarter results (quarterly), year-end (annual, 13 and 14 salaries), which are stimulating. Their payment and size depend on the results of the activities of the collective and companies as a whole.

Golden handshake

Golden handshake is the point of the employment contract (contract) with the employee (manager) of the company, providing for the payment of significant compensation in the event of termination of employment at the initiative of the owner or in connection with the change of ownership.

This clause of the contract may provide for continuation of payment of wages for a set time, payment of a one-time bonus and / or other benefits and privileges.

Compensation package for employees and managers is designed to prevent the absorption of companies by new owners, as well as to prevent a sharp change in the course of development.

The size of additional receipt of funds

The size of bonuses (extra premiums):

The size of bonus payments starts from 2 salaries. The upper limit, for commercial organizations, is not restricted by legislation and amounts to 40 or more salaries.

The size of the golden handshake:

As a rule, compensation is set from 1-2 (for employees), and from 10 or more (for managers) of annual income. Despite the possibility of establishing the amount of compensation in a fixed form (amounts in the specified currency), the linking of the payment to the annual income allows you to index the payment taking into account the growth of salary.

Indexing of salaries

Indexing is the adjustment of the wages of all employees, without exception, to a fixed ratio, to prevent the depreciation of wages due to the growth of consumer prices for goods and services.

The employment contracts (contracts) take into account:
  • Which payments are subject to indexation (fixed salary, premium, additional payments, compensations);
  • Periodicity of indexation (month, quarter, half year, year) or the dates of their conduct;
  • The procedure for selecting (determining) the indexation coefficient.

Size and order of indexing

As a rule, it is prescribed: indexing of all types of payments, at least once a quarter (every 3 months), with the determination of the indexation coefficient based on the consumer price index (according to Rosstat).

Also, in labor contracts (contracts), a prohibition on restricting the size of indexation or refusing to conduct it for any reasons is prescribed. As a result, the employer is not entitled to unilaterally refuse to index wages or arbitrarily decrease the coefficient.

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