Signing bonus

What is signing bonus?

Signing bonus is a cash payment to the acquisition of accessories and business style clothes, important in the exercise of job functions.

The purpose of such a payment, when employing, is to not burden the new employee with additional costs to create a business style.

The size of the signing bonus

The minimum size of the signing bonus is $ 1,700. The amount allocated can be increased depending on the upcoming post, the number of accessories required, and the prices for them in the acquisition region.

Payment Sequence

Provision of a "signing bonus" is carried out in full on the day of signing the employment contract (contract), which allows, before taking office, to choose and purchase all necessary accessories.

Elements of business style include:

  • Business suit
  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Tie Clip
  • Leather belt (strict style)
  • Outerwear (Coats, Headwear)
  • Footwear
  • Watch
  • Phone (smartphone) a new model
  • High-status pen
  • Points (if necessary)
  • Stick umbrella or dome shaped umbrella
  • Lighter (for smokers)
  • Purse
  • Business Card holder
  • Leather briefcase or folder
  • Appointment book
    and so on.

Help in creating a business style

For selection of business style of clothes and accessories, the companies of investors provide their own stylists, able to qualitatively pick up all the elements and accessories, to help choose stores that meet high requirements for style and quality. Participation of a professional stylist will avoid mistakes, and can facilitate the selection process.

Additional bonus

In addition, at the request of the employee, capital is issued for current expenses, designed to meet the household needs of the family in the period prior to the first payment of wages.

With a standard payment arrangement (2 times a month), the total amount is granted for 15 days, in the amount of 30 thousand rubles per person, with raising coefficients for each family member and relatives in care of.

This amount, unlike signing bonus, is issued on a reimbursable basis, and is issued as an interest-free loan, the return of which is possible from the means of the forthcoming salary.

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