Provision of housing

To whom and when is housing provided?

The apartments are provided to new employees at the conclusion of an employment contract (contract), as well as to employees when moving, giving birth to a child, weddings and other circumstances that are the cause of better housing conditions, in accordance with the provisions of labor contracts (contracts).

Apartments are provided:

  • For employees who do not have their own (separate) living space
  • For those living in emergency residential premises
  • For those living further than 15 minutes from the place of new work
  • If you change the region of work place
  • If the living space has ceased to comply with the provisions of the employment contract (contract) in connection with the wedding or the birth of a child
  • In connection with the increase in the post (to improve housing conditions)

Accommodation options:

  • Apartment provision
  • Payment of the hotel room
  • Compensation for the rental of housing

It is forbidden to provide:

  • Apartments not in accordance with the norms of the employment contract (contract)
    (by area, distance, improvement or other parameters)
  • Apartment for several employees (not members of the same family)
  • Rooms in populated apartments (joint residence)
  • Rooms in dormitories
  • Bed (in dormitories, apartments)

Minimum sizes of apartments provided:

  • For employees, unmarried and without children: 1-roomed from 45 sq.m.
  • For employees who are married and without children: 1-roomed from 60 sq.m.
  • For employees, with 1 child: 2-roomed from 60 sq.m.
  • For employees with two children of the same sex: 2-roomed from 60 sq.m.
  • For employees with two children of different sexes: 3-roomed from 70 sq.m.
  • For middle managers: 2-roomed from 60 sq.m.
  • For top managers: 3-roomed from 70 sq.m.
To exclude the inequality in the living standards of professionals who are not married and have no children, during their work apartments that are provided for them are also subject to increase: 2-room for employees and 3-rooms for managers.

Payment for accommodation

The payment for accommodation in the allocated apartments and hotels is carried out depending on the individual conditions of the provision of housing space, prescribed in the employment contract (contract).

Payment is made by the employer:
  • In full size (in case of relocation of a specialist from the region of permanent residence)
  • Completely from the first month of residence for newly employed professionals and / or members of their families
  • Completely, when changing the region of permanent residence, in connection with the exercise of official functions
  • Partially or completely, when relocation for reasons related to improving housing conditions that lie outside the established norms (at the initiative of the employee)

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