The advantages of working for investors, or how to find a good job:

We are a direct employer

AZ Capital Investment Group is an association of investors whose purpose is to address issues of inter-industry cooperation, provision of investment objects by personnel and management. Is engaged in development and maintenance of functioning of new and operating objects. It covers various industries, medicine, science, education, transport, energy, tourism, and a number of related areas. It conducts investment activities in 85 regions of Russia, as well as in a number of other countries, being a link in complex inter-branch projects.

Ways of employment

There are two main ways of employment in the world:

The first is ordinary employment, with the search for companies and vacancies in them. This method implies employment under a standard pattern of an employment contract, a contract. Wages, its indexation, bonuses and career growth depend on the company's income and the desire of its management to pay, to let you grow professionally, and make a career. Often, career growth is not welcomed, putting the question of the next search for an employee on the vacated seat.

The second way of employment is to employ from an investor (a group of investors, as in our case), with the signing of a European-type contract, and a large number of nuances that are taken into account in this agreement. The desire of investors to develop their companies, expand operations, create new enterprises and divisions creates the need for a large number of managers for existing and newly commissioned facilities, which determines the rapid career growth of employees.

Advantages of employment from investors

In addition to the interest in developing their own specialists, there are also a number of positive aspects:

  • The presence of managerial positions, the need for which is caused by the need to ensure internal control over the objects of investment.

  • The income of employees and managers is provided at the expense of investors, and does not directly depend on the success of an individual company during its formation and development, which guarantees a high level and stability of payments of salaries and bonuses.

  • The diversity of managerial positions, which is a consequence of a wide range of investment objects in a variety of industries.

  • General standards of employment, for all posts and regions, with the conclusion of a labor contract, significantly expanding the rights of the employee, and determining the additional responsibilities of the employer in front of him.

  • The wide geography of employment is due to the conclusion of investment contracts in various regions, as well as in areas closely associated with the geographical location of production, extraction, processing of raw materials, energy resources, climate and other territorial features.

  • Large financial opportunities for resolving issues of housing, solving other financial issues of employees, including those that emerged prior to employment.

  • Protection of the rights of employees, including intellectual property, as a result of contracting the European model.

Reasons to change jobs

If you are currently employed, you may have encountered a number of problems at work, under which the standard employment contract and the labor code is not in a position to protect your rights. In this case, you should think about finding a new job, in which the contract with the employer will be able to fully protect your labor interests, and provide reliable protection against the recurrence of similar problems at the new job. Typically, the reason for finding a new job is one of the following:
  • Initially low wages
  • Regular salary delays
  • Absence of indexation, growth of wages, bonuses
  • Increased costs for the family, relatives, payment of mortgages, loans
  • Absence of career growth during 1 or more years
  • Lack of professional development
  • Unsuitable region of residence (work)
  • Unresolved housing issue (provision, purchase of housing)
  • Excessive workload (even with a high salary)
  • Heavy physical labor
  • Harmful working conditions
  • Uncomfortable work schedule
  • Unregulated schedule (overtime)
  • Conflict with the management
  • Conflicts in the team
  • Approaching the company's age limitations (retirement)
  • Not satisfied with the position
  • Over-responsibility
  • Unsuitable sphere of activity
  • The working conditions changed, for the worse
  • The threatening reduction in staff (the absence of a "golden parachute" in the contract)
  • Inability to become a co-owner (shareholder) of a company, business
  • Non-protection of rights to labor outcomes (intellectual property)
  • New employment after school, army, break in work
    And other reasons
If there are several reasons for this, do not expect to be dismissed. You can find a new position in advance, and without prejudice to the current work. The confidentiality of the application, allows you to change jobs, without creating a conflict with the leadership on this matter.

The contracting mechanism allows you to enter a position from a certain date, which allows you to leave your old job and, if necessary, have time to transfer current affairs.

The absence of such a term as a "trial period" and a contract concluded guarantee that you will take office for a long time, without any "But."

Applying for positions

In order to start applying for vacant positions, you need to go to the link of the choice of the region of the job: Apply, or by clicking the button below "To the selection of vacancies".

Before proceeding to apply, we recommend that you study the site materials available through the menu at the top of the page. From the "Peculiarities of filing" section you will learn, for example, how to use the "quick scrolling table" of the vacancy page, about different methods of choosing vacancies, which will greatly facilitate the process of using available functionality.

On the provision of housing, on wages, and much more, you can read in the relevant sections of the menu, at the top of the page:

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